Śubhārambha Plan

Viṣṇu (Vāsudeva) with Śrī (Sattva) and Bhū (Rajas) Śaktī …the form just prior to manifestation

We have a certain vision for the students of PJC Year-1 which needs to be completed with their mentor. You will notice under Members >> PJC Year-1 >> Śubhārambha that there are 15 lessons including some slide presentations. The objective of this introductory course is to give you a taste and real introduction to the knowledge of the seers. The lessons include nice examples and are well illustrated covering the entire gamut of vedic learning with a focus on jyotiṣa. We have continued the traditional way of learning this subject as the eye of the veda rather than just as astrology as is being done by most modern teachers of this divine subject.

Time estimate

You all need time to read, hear and digest the knowledge and we have an expectation that you would complete this in about 2 months’ time before venturing into the first subject – Sṛṣṭi (Creation). Accordingly your mentor shall fix your time table.

Discussions, not debates

Your assignments will also be checked by your mentor(s) and we shall randomly check some of the assignments. We urge you to ask both intelligent and stupid questions in the forums and start a dialogue on the subject. This subject can only be learnt through discussions. By asking intelligent questions, you will know the highest knowledge and digest this learning and by asking stupid subjects you will do your colleagues, who have lost their speech in awe or fear, a real favour. Either way, you will get noticed, and that means we will be listening to you more often.

Questions and Answers

In the first batch we had a few QA sessions which you will find under ‘Prakīrṇa: Miscellaneous’ where we have added the notes made by Prithwiraj Bose. Prithwiraj turned out to be among the brightest students of the first batch of PJC and his meticulous note taking will always be remembered by everyone who reads them. Why should you not be one of such student?

In any case, we will be giving ‘Audio Replies’ to your Questions or better, ask your questions in the forum. So, if you have questions and need a nice answer, make sure that it is discussed, and the best way to do that is to Create a New Topic in the Forum or add to an existing one.